Connected Learning ‘in the wild’: connecting learners, experts, networks and information through open systems

A fantastic post by Mandy Lupton to support the inclusion of PLNs and Digital Citizenship in School Curriculum

Teaching in the wild

One of the primary forces in higher education is the development of global open learning networks and resources. It is now possible to connect learners ‘in the wild’ via social media to professional learning communities and open educational resources, and for learners to engage in structured study via MOOCs. Learners are able to follow their own interests and structure their own learning pathways. They can use social media to create and share their work and the development of their thinking.

By contrast, higher education has generally been bound by closed systems. Learning pathways are structured by course and unit designers sometimes in conjunction with industry accreditation requirements. Readings are accessible via subscription databases and library materials. Class groups communicate with one another via learning management systems. Assessment is usually a communication between the individual student and the assignment marker.

Connected learning is a pedagogical approach that connects people, networks and information…

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